Masters of Chemistry and Masters of All

From today, we will feature a series of short articles by distinguished guests on how chemistry related fields offer newer avenues for fresh students and young professionals. In this introductory piece, Prof. Shriniwas Kelkar, affectionately called SLK amongst his peers, throws light on the changing industry scenario. The end of academic studies is a very […]

Santonic acid: Zn –HCl – ether reduction and ceric ammonium nitrate oxidation

1. Introduction(2 )-a-Santonin (1, Figure 1), a naturally occurring sesquiterpene lactone, is an attractive starting material for the synthesis of several natural products, transformational studies and stereochemical correlations (Paknikar et al. 1994; Furtado et al. 1998; Blay et al. 2004; Natarajan et al. 2007; Arantes et al. 2009; Lamm et al. 2009; Li et al. […]

Biography of Sir John Warcup Cornforth AC CBE

Sir John Cornforth was a pioneer in discovering the detailed chemistry used by living systems to construct the organic substances they contain. From his teenage years, he was handicapped by profound deafness yet he overcame this to reach the highest pinnacles of scientific achievement. His work was carried out in several different research centres, both […]